brands that bakes services:
Supra, Moomba, Malibu, Axis, Mastercraft, centurion, Supreme, Nautique, Tige, and MB Sports
with a indmar, pcm or mercruiser engine

Standard Inboard Service Pricing & Details


*Starting at $228 plus tax

  • Multi point spring start up inspection

  • Charge, reconnect, load test battery(s)

  • Reconnect engine & acc. winterize points

  • Test run engine to operating temperature

  • Replace fuel filter(s) -Annual Service-

  • Check belt & hose condition

  • Check all boat systems

  • Check engine tune part condition

  • Check trailer tire PSI, adjust if needed

  • Lubricate steering, shift & throttle points

  • Lubricate trailer jack

Impeller Service

Direct Drive: *Starting at $107 plus tax
V-Drive: *Starting at $179 plus tax

  • Gain access to raw water pump

  • Remove and replace impeller

  • Back flush cooling system, remove debris

  • Recommended every other year or every 100 hours

Tune Up

Delco Ignition: *Starting at $475 plus tax
HVS Ignition: *Starting at $570 plus tax

  • Replace & gap spark plugs

  • Replace distributor cap & rotor

  • Inspect and Replace Spark Plug Wires (If Needed)

  • Change fuel filter(s)

  • Lubricate steering, shift & throttle points

  • Test run engine, check operation, fluid levels & cooling operation

  • Re-set ignition timing

  • Run diagnostic - scan for fault codes

Fuel Filter

*Starting at $48 plus tax - (per filter)

  • Bleed off fuel pressure

  • Replace fuel filter(s)

  • Re-prime fuel system, test & check for leaks

  • Recommended every spring or every 100 hours


Basic Winterize: *Starting at $235 plus tax
Full Winterize (Includes fluids): *Starting at $479 plus tax

  • Layup Multi point Inspection

  • Add Marine Stabilizer to fuel system

  • Test Run Engine to operating temp

  • Change Oil, Filter & Transmission (Full Winterize)

  • Fog Engine Cylinders (non catalyst motors)

  • Drain all engine winterize points

  • Drain all accessories (Ballast, Heater, Shower, etc.)

  • Drain Hull, remove all hull drain plugs

  • Test antifreeze if closed cooled

  • Back Flush Accessories with a marine antifreeze

  • Spray Engine down with corrosion guard

  • Disconnect battery and/or turn off switch if equipped

Fluid Service

Pricing varies by service / Plus Tax
(Oil, Transmission, V-Drive)

  • Oil & filter: annually or every 50 hours
    *5.7L & 6.0L Starting at $149 plus tax
    *Raptor 6.2L & Big Block Starting at $225 plus tax

  • Transmission: annually or every 50 hours
    *Starting at $97 plus tax

  • V-Drive: every 300 hours or as needed
    *Starting at $88 plus tax

Break in Service

Pricing varies by service / Plus Tax
PCM Engines: *Starting at $550+tax
Indmar Raptor:*starting at $595 +tax

  • Performed on new engines with 10-30 Hours of operation

  • Oil & filter service

  • Transmission Service

  • Check Shaft to Engine Alignment

  • Multi Point Hardware Torque list

  • Multi Point Inspection Check List


Pricing varies by service / Plus Tax

  • Hull clean / Acid wash - $175

  • Interior detail only: $12 per ft (21' - $252)

  • Exterior detail only: $12 per ft (21' - $252)

  • Complete detail: $22 per ft (21' - $462)

* Please note that all prices are estimated and may vary depending on your boat's year, make & model. Contact us if you need specific pricing for your year make and model boat and engine.