Malibu Corvette Limited Edition
Z06 Sport-V

What They Say:

LIVE THE DREAM. The Corvette is a legacy of pure power, wrapped in sensual good looks, known for pushing the limits of performance, styling and driving pleasure. 2008 revealed another exuberant supplier of Corvette’s brand of Americana — the Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V. This was a Malibu boat that challenged the conventions of traditional boat building with strikingly precise Corvette styling cues and Malibu’s extraordinary touches. The Corvette that runs on water...

The name 'Malibu Boats Limited Edition Sport-V' always suggested that this Malibu Boat wouldn't be available forever. That time has come. The last Corvette boat has motored off the assembly line and this storied production run is officially over. Your opportunity to own this rare piece of Americana has arrived.

What We Say:

DON'T MISS THIS. Whether you are a Corvette lover looking to obtain one amazing piece for your collection, or just a boat enthusiest wanting to sit down in this machine for a one time feel of it's hand-made quality ... you're in luck! Bakes Marine has one of the very limited Corvette boats on display and up for sale. Looking to use the 'Vette for some fun on the water? The unique Corvette LS7 505HP engine in the boat is slightly lighter than a standard V-Drive boat. What does this mean? It means, the Corvette makes a great wakeboard AND a great waterski boat. With the lighter engine, the boat rides just right for a skier and a boarder can add some weight to make the perfect wakeboard wake. Whichever your reason...stop in and have a look at our Issaquah, WA showroom today:

Bakes Marine
6424 E Lk Sammamish Pkwy SE
Issaquah, WA 98029

Corvette Boat Waterski Videos:

* Video 1 > .34 MPH at 32 OFF
* Video 2 > .34 MPH at 28 OFF
* Video 3 > .34 MPH at 22 OFF
* Video 4 > .34 MPH at 15 OFF
* Video 5 > .32 MPH at 15 OFF
* Video 6 > .30 MPH at 15 OFF

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